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Advertising on YouTube has a great importance in this current period, and due to the increasing proportion of videos and that YouTube is the dominant of most of the content of these videos on the internet.
advertising on YouTube
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The best 5 ways for advertising on YouTube

Advertising on YouTube has great importance in this current period, and due to the increasing proportion of videos and that YouTube is the dominant of most of the content of these videos on the internet. As a result, we must give to advertise on YouTube a great interest and know well on various methods of advertising on YouTube.

Before putting your marketing strategy and advertising plan, you need to think about the content that you will use it in advertising on YouTube. The goal is to keep the users’ interaction with useful content, which encourages them to continue viewing and searching.

Advertising on youtube

1- Write interesting and relevant content

This is the first rule when you create any content at any time. YouTube ads and other ads are playing a significant role in the promotion of your products.

98% of users say that they watch the videos to know more about the product or service, and 74% of those who are doing that are already purchasing the product.

The guiding steps on YouTube are general steps, where 91% of smartphones’ users read these guiding steps, the search terms’ rate increases by 70% day after day as well.

2- Attract your followers to make playlists

Creating playlists with relevant sets of videos on YouTube is considered one of the greatest ways to enhance your videos and increase the attention of your audience, playlists create a good and satisfying experience for the viewers, where you expect what they want to watch later.

How to create a playlist on YouTube?

  1. Select the video you want to add.
  2. Under the video, click on the (add) and the + black sign.
  3. Click to create a new playlist.
  4. Type a name for the new list and choose it easy, simple, and conventional in your search words.
    Change privacy settings and make sure you made the playlist (public).
  5. Finally, press create.
  6. Now the playlist, you have created, is ready.

Advertising on youtube

3- Give the advertisement a name that’s relevant to the video’s topic

If you want to have the right impression on the ads you’re creating on YouTube, make a simple and direct address. If the video’s title has no relevance to what the user is looking for, he won’t click on the video’s link on YouTube from the beginning.

4- Make sure of permanent publishing

If you start a YouTube channel to boost your product or service, you have to publish more than one time.
Always remember to create a video, it doesn’t require a great effort and it is not considered as a difficult test. Many works in that while they are sitting in their homes, but that does not mean that your video doesn’t have to be perfect.

Be mindful and always warned because you are committed to general laws for advertising on YouTube.

5- Get an audience from the targeting ads

You will always find better results when you reach the right target audience.

Create an ad campaign on YouTube via Google AdWords to benefit the advantages of interaction between them.

YouTube ads’ targeting

YouTube ads are powerful and effective, not only because they increase the potential of your audience numbers, but also because it enables you to target a specific audience from one and a half billion viewers.

This division is for the target options in YouTube ads

1- Demographic division

The basic, fixed part of this division includes age, gender, income level, and social status.

2- Interests

You can target the public properly by searching date and personal interests. For example, if you are shopping for baby clothes, you can target users who view shops and brands that are selling children’s clothing.

3- Convergent audience segments

This method of targeting services the companies with ads on TV and social media and want to have a web presence. They are like targeting by interests but more broadly.

Convergent audience segments contain common groups in specific interests, such as a group of people who are interested in cosmetic products or have mutual interests in hearing pop music.

4- Specialized convergent audience segments

This target depends on convergent audience segments by introducing more features.

It enables you to target convergent audience segments precisely like those who are interested in knowing the effects of using cosmetics, and so instead of targeting the audience who likes pop music, you can target the audience that prefers a certain singer who sings specific kinds of singing like Beyonce and Rihanna.

5- Life events

The purchasing habits of people and their preference for a certain brand change when they reach certain stages such as: graduating from College, getting married or having a baby.

Targeting people on YouTube ads according to their life events’ change allows you to expand your marketing.

6- Market’s audience

Target through your ads on YouTube, people who are looking for such products like yours.
Google can determine whether a person is looking for a product or service through his clicking on the advertisement or the search results.

7- Re-marketing the video

Targeting persons, in this case, is based on if they have watched other videos on your channel before, and which ones they saw.

8- Targeting places

Choose where your ad will be on YouTube. Will it be on certain channels or with videos, or applications or websites?

9- Topics

Ad targeting is for videos or channels related to your choice.

10- Targeting keywords

Targeting persons is according to their search terms, for example, if you are a wedding Organizer, so you have to target people who’re searching in the same field.


Advertising on YouTube has great importance, which will increase according to the videos YouTube dominated almost entirely, and therefore we must give to advertise on YouTube more attention as its current and future significance.

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