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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business In Ramadan | Part 1

Taking advantage of global events to promote your product, store, service, brand, or  your business, whatever is it, has become a major activity of all business owners, brands and shopkeepers because it has an effective impact on increasing brand awareness, increase the volume of sales that can be achieved by the brand, and raise the rate of conversion through the website; all by reaching the largest possible number of audiences interacting with marketing campaigns and advertising targeted during global events, whether religious or political Social or economic.

In this article, we’ve tried to keep all of our store owners, retailers, advertisers, business leaders, webmasters, bloggers and all brands in the right hand; the complete guide to the most effective tips for successful digital marketing campaigns, as well as how to push your sales and conversion rate for your site during Ramadan.

Through this article, we will review 10 of the most important digital marketing tips either online or through various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snape Chat.

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In the beginning, it should be noted that recent case studies, researches, and reports in the e-commerce and digital marketing industries have confirmed that consumers around the world tend to buy more during Ramadan without any other months. In other words, the percentage of purchases in Ramadan increases by a large percentage, so many companies, as well as large online store owners tend to increase their digital marketing budget by up to 20% in Ramadan so they can sell more and make huge profits through this month.

The most important steps that we recommend during the month of Ramadan are:

10. Multiplying digital marketing campaigns and social media ads

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One of the most important steps we recommend during the month of Ramadan is to increase and intensify the advertising campaigns of your organization or business, whether online or offline, as well as increase the budget for those advertising campaigns by 20% during the holy month of Ramadan to increase sales and double the rate of conversions during your store .

9. Put specific times during the month of Ramadan to view your digital campaigns

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You should also set your advertising or marketing campaigns to be specific and accurate during the month of Ramadan. These times should be between breakfast and Suhoor. You will be allocated these special times during the holy month of Ramadan to display advertising campaigns promoting To your services and products that during the month of Ramadan these times are the appropriate times and a favorite for all consumers and the Muslim public to watch and interact from any kind of advertising campaigns or promotional content marketing campaigns or video marketing or image or even by E-mail.

8- Testing and analyzing your marketing campaigns in the early days

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It is also essential in the early days of Ramadan to test and analyze your e-marketing campaigns whether online or by relying on different social networking platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snape Chat, Twitter, Video or even email in order to determine when audiences or target audiences are more likely to engage with your marketing and promotional campaigns during the month of Ramadan and then allocate these specific times to show your overall advertising and marketing campaigns.

7. Review periodically the reports and analysis of advertising campaigns

Online store owners or brands must periodically review the reports, figures, and analysis provided by Google or your social media, which show you a set of numbers and insights that will help you better understand the impact of your advertising campaigns as well as the various activities you do on these platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snape Chat, Twitter.

6 – Make customers feel the atmosphere of Ramadan on your site

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Your targeted audience should be aware of your digital marketing campaigns as well as your advertising campaigns, whether on your e-store, blog or your accounts on various social networking platforms, in the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan. Such an approach will increase your interaction with your content during the month, which will automatically make your e-marketing campaigns, ad campaigns, blog or your business successful during Ramadan.

Retailers or brands who have private accounts for their business on various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snape, Instagram), or even various online publishers who are interested in different businesses can tell their audience about the atmosphere Ramadan through several ways, perhaps the most important of which are:

  • Appearing through the store or website of your business in a different way and reflects the atmosphere of Ramadan.
  • Include symbols of the month of Ramadan, for example, and not limited to the lantern of Ramadan, or the crescent of Ramadan, or any of those related to the minds of the store customers in the month of Ramadan; in the logo of your site or store or business, whatever.
  • Relying on or using different colors and different forms of your online store or business website in a way that suits the Ramadan atmosphere and helps the audience to feel the distinctive Ramadan atmosphere.


In this article, we tried to put a full guide to all retailers, brands, online stores, or website owners in how to grow their business in the month of Ramadan by showcasing the top 10 digital marketing tips that help all of them raise their sales and their stores’ conversion rate. Through this part, which is the first part of the article, we took about the first five tips amongst the 10. To be informed with the rest tips on how you can enhance your digital marketing campaigns through the month of Ramadan, you should wait for our second part of this series of articles.


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