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How To Optimize Your YouTube Videos To Attract More Views?!

No one can deny that the YouTube platform became one of the most attractive and popular social media platforms around the world, as it offers a lot of features, services, and advantages that make audience love using it for many objectives.

YouTube is also considered to be the second largest search engine worldwide; it comes after the #1 largest and most popular search engine in the world “Google.” Now, YouTube is not only used in entertainment but also in achieving large profits.

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Based on this, if you are an advertiser, retailer, marketer, store owner, brand, or any business who are interested in video marketing; you have to know how to optimize your YouTube videos, in order to attract more views and reach more earnings.

Through this new article, we will showcase the top rated steps that can help you in optimizing your content on the YouTube platform, in order to reach your marketing goals.

1- Use A Catchy Title for Your Video.

Image result for 1- Use A Catchy Title for Your Video.

The first step and advice that you should do are to use an attractive, catchy, and brilliant title for every one of your videos that are shared on YouTube, in order to encourage audience open and watch. Additionally, your YouTube videos’ title should reflect the internal content and not deceive the audience.

The video title is considered to be one of the most effective aspects that play a vital and large role in increasing the views and attracting a huge number of audience, so it should be a priority on the video marketing process.

On the other side, it should be noted that the best size for your video title is about 100 characters. This is enough to give a unique descriptive address while continuing to search without interruption in the long run. And, there are some important aspects that must be included in the video title, such as (focus keyword – brand name – target area).

2- Write A Comprehensive Description For Your Video.

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The second step and tip you must make sure of it are writing and creating a comprehensive description for your videos on YouTube. The video description is considered to be one of the top aspects that play a vital role in optimizing your videos on YouTube; it can help you reach as many people as possible and achieve more views.

On the same front, it should be pointed out that YouTube video’s description must be comprehensive, useful, informative, attractive, and showcase all information that is included in the video.

Coming to the description size, it should be mentioned that YouTube allows up to 5000 characters, which means that you have the ability to write between 500 to 700 words in your description. In addition, not all descriptions should be long, but targeting about 2,000 characters for videos and 3,000 channels is a good number because it gives you the space to optimize your keywords and give context to viewers. But make sure not to fill it with a lot of useless talks.

3- Use Related HashTags Through The Description.

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It is also considered to be a very important tip is to use great hashtags that are related to your video content through the video description. It helps you well optimize your video and enables more audience to find it.

Hence, it is recommended to spend great efforts in creating good, unique, and attractive hashtags that are related to your video subject. On this front, it should be noted that adding 10 to 20 tags per video is an ideal way to take advantage of keywords related to your video.

In addition, each word or phrase tag (mostly phrases) should be relevant to the video content as well as the ways in which you expect users to discover that video.

4- Use An Attractive Thumbnail Image.

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Thumbnails are very important for monetized video channels at this point. You may notice that they follow a certain pattern: bright colors and strange thing in the background. Sure, it sounds annoying at times, but that’s the best way to attract attention and best in achieving the highest viewing rates

Keep in mind that you want a standard format across all of your thumbnails. For example, if you put your face on one, you should do so on all sections. If you use a kind of animation or logo, use it constantly.

So it’s instantly known to anyone who follows your channel directly from the suggested sidebar of your videos or search results. If you have old videos, review them and upload the thumbnails to each one to get better results for clicks.

In addition, make sure your thumbnails are readable: viewers should be able to see what’s going on around them easily when they’re seen in the left column of suggested videos or on a mobile device.

5- Concentrate on  Tags That Centre Around Your Video Subject

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YouTube tags are important because they help YouTube understand video content and context. In this way, YouTube can understand the subject and category of the video, and link it to similar content, which can increase the reach of your video. So you have to use the best words related to your video theme.