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How to Start an Online Makeup Business: Everything You Need to Know

Cosmetics have been a huge part of human civilization for thousands of years. While it wasn’t used for the same purposes it’s used for today, it was still related to beauty and health in one way or another.

The first known usage of cosmetics was about 12 thousand years ago when ancient Egyptians used makeup as a protection from the sun, to differentiate between different classes, and naturally, for beauty as well. After that, developments in cosmetics can be noticed easily throughout history until these modern days when people started to become more educated on the different aspects that go into the making process.

Many makeup brands have started ditching their old ways of using animal ingredients in the making process to switch to their vegan counterparts. Other brands have stopped testing on animals completely. The cosmetics industry has truly evolved in all its aspects over the past couple of decades.

People who follow all the makeup trends and watch endless hours of content on cosmetics might start thinking about how to make use of this passion. Unfortunately, many of these people lack the artistic aspect to start a career as a makeup artist or a beauty guru.

Luckily, these people and other people who are interested in marketing and creating content can easily start their makeup online business without having to have artistic skills. Starting a business selling cosmetics online depends on some main and essential steps to succeed in the competitive beauty industry.

Brand Identity

Brand recognition is one of the main keys to starting an online business in any industry you wish to choose. Consumers almost always prefer a brand with a strong image that can deliver quality and maintain a good reputation.

To create a successful brand identity, one must first think about their targeted audience. Makeup products vary in quality and price which consequently means that people who reach out to these products are different. Researching the different beauty products and brands that have different types of audience require quite the effort to figure everything the brand owner needs to educate themselves on.

Will your brand target busy moms who want drugstore brands with good quality and a bargain? Will you go for makeup artists who only use high-end products that impress their regular customers? Or will you target fashionistas on budgets? These questions must be answered before you can proceed with creating your own brand identity.

Obtain the Needed Products.

Since your brand identity is dependent on the products you choose to sell, you’ll have to decide to deal with a single line or many carefully. If you’re using dropshipping, your best bet would be going for diversity and taking advantage of the best of what every line offers by using third-party manufacturers.

If you’re capable of stocking products, then you should try to increase your profit by partnering with a few selected lines. Expanding and scaling your product range may take some time you’ll want to test the waters first with the audience and the platform you’re using.

Choose the Platform Wisely

This decision might be confusing to a lot of business owners in this industry due to a few reasons. Selecting one platform over the other requires weighing the pros and cons of every possibility and sacrificing some benefits for others depending on your brand identity and targeted audience. Many people who are interested in high-quality makeup will never go shopping around unknown online stores for cosmetics.

the other option is building everything from scratch from the website to your online makeup store. The cosmetics business startups to use services like ExpandCart’s to handle technicalities, from store building and design to distribution. While starting your line is a bit implausible at first if you don’t have a huge amount of capital but the concept can be appealing once you’ve established a solid foundation for your store.

Find Your Inventory And Start Marketing

Makeup online store with

Your business depends on your inventory. To start turning profit, you have to start with indie brands. These brands often offer their products at wholesale prices which leave room for your profit from consumers. Other brands specifically target retailers and offer wholesale-only prices while taking the quantity into considerations. These brands will be the gears to get your business up and running among different consumers and makeup lovers.

Marketing comes next after establishing the previous essential elements of your online business. This might be the last process needed but it’s not the least in either the importance nor the effort and thought put into it. Marketing is the cornerstone of any successful business especially if it’s an online one.

Several online cosmetics stores have found that the perfect start could be from social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. These platforms depend on hashtags for users to find what they are interested in. Loading up your posts with irrelevant hashtags to get views and followers might achieve this target, yet these are considered to be empty numbers.

When you are marketing your brand on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, try to use a maximum of 9 hashtags that are only relevant to what you are offering. Other business owners have found that creating content to promote their products is the best type of marketing their brand can get. Creating videos and makeup tutorials on YouTube is also a great step in gaining the numbers and the attention you would want for your brand.

You can always go for influencers with a wide base of fans who take an interest in the cosmetic world to promote your products or create content for you. Influencers can raise brand awareness with a small commission, gifts, or another way you both see fit to end with a win-win situation for both parties.

Working in the beauty industry is a foolproof business. When you take a look at someone like Jeffree Star or other successful beauty gurus who have managed to create their brand from scratch and managed to have this massive success and these huge numbers of adoring fans, you truly know how both makeup and online marketing can turn anyone’s life upside down.

It’s even estimated that every 30 seconds, a bottle of Chanel’s famous No. 5 is bought. The beauty world offers endless opportunities for many people from young makeup artists, video creators, cosmetics brand owners, online retails and many more.

The beauty industry is even adapting to different changes around the world. You will find that different environmental issues have touched many owners to change their policy and ingredient lists. Vegans and people who refuse animal-abuse in all its ways can find brands who consider this important issue. The beauty industry has even welcomed people from all different colors, genders, and sexual orientations; it’s getting more inclusive every day.

For all the previously mentioned reasons, deciding on starting an online makeup store is always worth it if you take calculated steps with caution. Even though the opportunities offered by the freedom of online stores are endless, makeup is still a very competitive field, yet there is always room for people to learn and evolve.

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