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E-commerce Website Designs That We Love and Inspire Us

An attractive design for your website and a layout that captures the attention are crucial nowadays, especially with dozens of e-commerce websites that are being introduced every day to us bombarding our attention, that’s why you really get to care about the design before wanting customers to pay attention to your online store.

So, one could wonder, how many of the websites really do the trick in terms of design and layout?

It’s sad when website owners let go of the design and overlooking the importance of researching the latest trends in e-commerce so that they miss a guaranteed chance to deliver more sales conversions. That’s why it’s important to take care of all details and design an experience that truly captivates the customers and retain them, while fully leveraging the offerings of an e-commerce website.

So it comes down to the ‘customer experience’ as customers pay attention to the design that decides whether or not he could expect a fun and an appealing shopping experience. You could easily make sure your store sells well by focusing on the latest design trends and having a great UX design on your website.

Here is how your e-commerce store could look like:

Best E-Commerce Website Designs

  1. New York Times Store

ecommerce design

One of the best e-commerce websites is the New York Times’ website. It’s modern, minimalistic and simple, with less image and more information the customer can relate to, making the experience a joyous one, especially when it comes to navigation that has less clutter and excellent relevance, making it an effective & successful website design.

  1. Rebecca Atwood Store

ecommerce design

Rebecca Atwood store is an example of quite an engaging website experience with an unlikely experience that is different from your average ecommerce website where it does not stress on discounts and promotional graphics, so it’s basically creativity in its simplest form where it seems as journey throughout the website rather than a prompt to just buy their products.

  1. Owl

ecommerce design

Usually buying a pair of spectacles is not that much fun, that why, to our surprise, we found the buying experience truly fun and profound, while presenting you with what works with other people and ultimately recommending what works for you, all of which is done in simply yet in an attractive way.

  1. Baron Fig

ecommerce design

Usually, graphics alone do not represent the design of the e-commerce website, but with Baron Fig, the designs complement nicely the overall layout of the website, with fun and attractive phrases with color elements making the whole store stand out, that’s why it’s a definite head-turner when you seek e-commerce designs for inspiration.

  1. Beacon

ecommerce design

Beacon, a poster selling e-commerce website, has one of the most colorful, intuitive, and beautiful interfaces amongst our list, with its cause for good we cannot help but fall in love with how engaging it is with a quite delightful experience that even attracts more people.

  1. Storm Watches London

ecommerce design

With an emphasis on superb designs, Storm Watches has succeeded to maintain a design that exudes nothing but great interface colors that bring modern design application to its e-commerce storefront with a dedicated section for all its watches with corresponding color template, that’s why it made its way to the top of our favorite e-commerce design websites.

  1. Two Chimps Coffee

ecommerce design

This is an e-commerce website with a strong brand identity that you could see shining boldly when the website is loading in a way that it very cool and entertaining. With an extreme creativity the website is full of intuitive designs and highly engaging interface, leaving you with nothing but wanting to further explore the website.

  1. Roc

This is a neat example of how an e-commerce website should be. Roc, the headphones selling company, with a design that might seem overwhelming in the beginning yet has interesting imagery that engages setting the mood for a consistent brand tone that promotes active lifestyle for its customers using wireless headphones for working out and sporting activities.

  1. Simply Chocolate

ecommerce design

A Danish e-commerce store that celebrates love for chocolate in almost every corner of it, with a theme that reflects colors for chocolate lovers to admire in a unique fashion and a design that has chocolate presented in a nice way that engages and appeals to chocolate lovers. A must visit if you want to truly see a unique e-commerce design.

  1. Really Well Made

ecommerce design

The name applies to the design of the website too, where the brand’s personality is well designed and incorporated into the overall theme of the website, with a quite challenging feature that introduces social media feed into the website without compromising the website performance. Being built around simplicity makes the customers stick longer and promotes solid loyalty.


We hope the above designs have inspired you, and we know; it isn’t easy to pick a winner since the competition was hard, that’s why we are leaving that decision to you. Of course, there could be other e-commerce websites that we could have missed on, especially with the introduction of many others every here and then. So, you can always tell us about them whenever you feel you have chosen a winner.

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