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How to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach in 2020

Although the competition is growing and marketing is getting more and more crowded even in the niche areas, you can still thrive in such saturated environment and channels, especially in one such as Facebook, where it’s possible to grow your fans numbers and create the awareness that you want so much.

The Decline of Organic Reach

Social media can truly benefit your business and have a great impact on how you grow your business due to the fact that hundreds of millions are using them, however, with the platforms’ monetization that is in progress it could be more tricky to reach your audience without having to pay for ads.

Now as Facebook is trying to provide more relevant and interesting results to users, the funnel of commercial traffic is getting smaller and it’s becoming more challenging to reach your audience with the intended messaging of your brand, especially with fewer advertisements and posts reaching them.

Does this mean that your social media attempts for your business are failed? Nope, it means that you just need to adapt to the ongoing changes in the social media and up your playbook rules whenever needed. Also, through the right amount of creativity and planning, you could still be able to lower your digital ads spending and organically reach your audience in an effective way.

Increasing Facebook Organic Reach

If you think that Facebook organic marketing is challenging, here is a couple of steps to help your leverage some tips and tricks to get your marketing campaign just right.

1) Monitor the statistics

Facebook Reach

First, you need to understand your current situation, and to do that you could leverage many instruments that Facebook has provided in its Facebook Insights system that was designed to assist you to build your campaign for a well-targeted audience. Some of these tools are:

  1. Page Visits
  2. Best Post Types
  3. People

Page Visits means how many users have seen your content and interacted in a way or another with your page as a result. Furthermore, it shows how many individuals have seen it, liked your page and to what level of engagement as well.

Best Post Types can help you improve the way you do marketing for your company since it shows you what posts have had the highest reach and highest engagement, and that’s how you can make use of information about your page visits. For example, you can get to know which posts had more engagements; was it a post with photos or posts with video? That’s the kind of things you will get to know from that section.

People are at heart of what you do, so if you are not crafting content that fits whom you are adverting to, you need to think again, and that’s where this tool becomes useful; you will be able to learn more about the gender diversity, age ranges, nationalities and others statistics, stuff that will help you learn who your audience truly are.

That’s how you get a better reach; as you learn how many people see your posts and which ones get the highest engagement besides the demographics, too. Using such tools will enable you to get a better-tailored content to fit the right brand message to the right target audience.

2) Balance Your Content

Here it’s useful to balance between messages that are timeless but also make use of trends and ongoing conversations, why would you do so? Because you want to make the best out of Facebook’s algorithm when it comes to publishing your content. What’s evergreen content? The content that never expires and is valid for years to come and still remain useful.

Non-evergreen content is content that revolves around a temporary topic that has an expiry date. An example of non-evergreen content in this article, where the tactics explained here could only be valid for few years before it becomes invalid, as no one can know exactly what kind of changes are to happen.

This way you can make sure you are bringing attention to you all of the time while keeping people interested and building authority at the same time.

3) Create a Separate Group

Facebook Reach

You should consider creating a separate page on Facebook for the most engaged people on your main page, as they are the most likely to be interested around your brand and may be willing to lead more talks and discussions revolving around what you provide for them.

While they may not always yield the wanted results, groups are often a good way to spark interest via conversations that make people get hooked to your brand. If done correctly, this can positively impact your main Facebook page in terms of more meaningful interactions and conversations that benefit your brand over the long term.

4) Focus on the New Features

Facebook is now focusing on increasing the time the user spends on their website and gain more profit from brands that try to market their products and services there. That’s why they created algorithms to limit irrelevant posts and decreasing what is different from the content they engage with, so if you posted content with low engagement there is a high probability that your organic reach takes a hit.

To counteract such an issue, you could aim to decrease the number of posts that don’t fit into your audience preferences and are in line with your marketing plan. You might also start using content that truly engages such as videos or live streaming, things that Facebook favors nowadays.

The bottom line, it’s better to invest in learning to use the new features as they should give you an edge, as social media websites tend to boost your content as long as you are using their latest features. It’s indirect but it works.

Facebook Reach

5) Discover Your Audience’s Value

You should be focused on what your customer is focused on, and such interest should give you direction regarding your marketing efforts. Facebook Insights could be of enormous help while trying to identify what type of content receives the best kind of engagement and appeal. So whenever you discover that some kind of content like polls, photos or any type is winning, then keep on providing that content mixed with other types to avoid monotony.

This is a recipe for success in terms of higher reach that will naturally follow as people start to identify with the value you are providing them.

6) Make Your Brand Different

Know you are why in business and stick to it, or in other words, identify your values that set you apart in terms of personal branding and build on them, and your right audience will take note and love you for it. Don’t fall victim to the appealing trends that happen all around us and might seem like an attractive opportunity to gain traffic, because this way you could potentially risk losing your hardcore fans.

Know your niche and your relevant edges and stick to your key marketing voice and keep gathering fans around you,


While the above tips are not a sure-fire way to up your game in the social media, you may find it useful to experiment to find what works for you, and as you stick to it you will slowly watch your much-wanted engagement slowly building over time to a figure that should be satisfactory to your marketing efforts.

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