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16 Sep

How to Do eCommerce Branding for Your Small Business

Imagine that you're picking up your grocery online, looking to buy a bottle of ketchup. Do you pick a Heinz bottle or any other lower-priced store brand? After all, ketchup is ketchup. Right? Wrong! When it comes to consumer's choices, brands are what really matter. Consumers buy...

Features of Shopping Cart Pages
05 Aug

13 Must-Have Features on Shopping Cart Pages

  Reduce abandoned-cart rate and increase sales by following this guide for the must-have features you need to display on the shopping cart page of your online store . These features are tested and proven on successful eCommerce websites in the Middle East and worldwide, because...

ecommerce jobs - Job roles
04 Aug

What are eCommerce Job Roles ?

You’re a merchant , retailer , entrepreneur , or a guy with a brilliant service idea who wants to break into the eCommerce field and sell online; how to start, who do you need, and what eCommerce jobs do you need to build a strong...