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AB Testing - A/B
30 Jul

The Complete Guide to A/B Testing

  Practice makes better and testing makes perfect! A/B testing allows every marketer or store owner to try two (or more) versions of a marketing copy and see which one outperforms the other, in order to optimize their marketing efforts for the best results. In this article, we’ve...

Google Ads Conversion Tracking in Ecommerce
21 Jul

Google Ads Conversion Tracking in Ecommerce

  You must have once created an ad with Google Ads , in order to promote your online store products, or you could be still using this tool to reach customers, promote your store, and increase sales. But then, how can you know that those ads, that...

Navigation Ecommerce Store
17 May

Creating Effective Navigation for Your Ecommerce Store

Is your website costing you clients? Do customers bounce back quickly from your ecommerce store or don’t make it to checkout page? That’s probably because your online store lacks an efficient navigation system! Effective navigation for your ecommerce store will definitely increase number of visitors,...