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ecommerce jobs - Job roles
04 Aug

What are eCommerce Job Roles ?

You’re a merchant , retailer , entrepreneur , or a guy with a brilliant service idea who wants to break into the eCommerce field and sell online; how to start, who do you need, and what eCommerce jobs do you need to build a strong...

ecommerce online store trust
25 Jul

How Trustworthy Is Your eCommerce Store ?

  Winning online shoppers' trust to your eCommerce store is key to a successful shopping experience, which, by default, means good branding, more traffic, and extra sales. Because it's YOUR store, you've never probably thought about store trust – how trustworthy does your online store look and...

Google Analytics reports in eCommerce
21 Jul

Getting Reports Using Google Analytics

  The successful management of an eCommerce store requires detailed reports through which you can track the actions of customers, know their locations and demographics, and get closer to understanding their purchasing behavior – what they prefer or what content disturbs them – and other reports...

Email Marketing - Email List Tips
10 Jun

15 Email Marketing Success Tips

  Email marketing has been and is still on top of marketing channels for all types of businesses. Building up a trusted email list of loyal subscribers who are genuinely interested in the content offered to them is every marketer's or business owner's dream and goal. That's...