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Features of Shopping Cart Pages
05 Aug

13 Must-Have Features on Shopping Cart Pages

  Reduce abandoned-cart rate and increase sales by following this guide for the must-have features you need to display on the shopping cart page of your online store . These features are tested and proven on successful eCommerce websites in the Middle East and worldwide, because...

Google Ads Conversion Tracking in Ecommerce
21 Jul

Google Ads Conversion Tracking in Ecommerce

  You must have once created an ad with Google Ads , in order to promote your online store products, or you could be still using this tool to reach customers, promote your store, and increase sales. But then, how can you know that those ads, that...

Google Analytics reports in eCommerce
21 Jul

Getting Reports Using Google Analytics

  The successful management of an eCommerce store requires detailed reports through which you can track the actions of customers, know their locations and demographics, and get closer to understanding their purchasing behavior – what they prefer or what content disturbs them – and other reports...

Inventory Management in eCommerce
01 Jul

What is Inventory Management in eCommerce ?

  If you have a website or an online store selling physical products from your inventory or even from your own home, not dropshipping or affiliate marketing, then this article is for you. No matter how big or little your stock is, you definitely need to practice...