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How to pick an amazing domain name

Picking up your online store domain name is critical and its as important as picking up your company name.

Simply your domain name is your Brand Name, that’s why you should make sure that you picked up the right domain.

Herein this article will illustrate the 9 tips to pick a perfect domain name.

1- Easy to type

Make sure that the domain name you pick is easy to type means that there is a very low chance for people to miss type it, for example don’t use the slang U instead of the word you.

2- Make it short and simple

It’s clear that a short and simple domain name is much better than a complex or long domain.

3- Add Keywords to your domain

Use keywords that describe your business or products in your domain name, this will help you get a better rank on Google in this particular keyword and its variants, also it will give an idea to your audience about what is this site about.

4- Mention your area or country in you domain

For example, if you sell your product or service in Saudi Arabia you may add the word “SA”, “Saudi” or “KSA” in your domain name.

5- Try not to use numbers or special characters in your domain

Numbers and special characters make a good chance for the domain to be misunderstood. For example, if you use the number “3” in your domain people won’t know if they should type the number “3” or to type it in letters as “Three” same thing may happen with special characters like dashes “-” or underscores “_”, So try not to use it in your domain name.

6- Catchy and memorable

This where creativity comes in. A catchy and memorable domain name will have a great impact to your branding so be innovative.

7- Use other extensions

No doubt that the extension .com is the most famous and the best extension however due to this its super hard today to find a catchy and descriptive short domain name with the extension .com so don’t stick with it and check for other extensions that can describe your business.
Here are some of these extensions and its meaning.

  • .co: Abbreviation for a company
  • .net: For technical or internet sites
  • .org: For organizations
  • .biz: For any type of business
  • .online: A generic new extension
  • .mobile: For mobiles

And there are more modern extensions, you will find it when you start registering your domain and building your online store.

8- Protect your domain name and brand name

Try to register your domain name with all or the most possible extensions this will help you protect your brand name.

9- Take action now

Thousands of domains registered every day so don’t wait and register your domain before someone else register it.

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