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Customer Engagement Strategies Your Business Might Need Right Now

Customer engagement is an essential part of a successful business. In generations past, reaching a wider audience was a formidable obstacle. But in today’s world, there are plenty of tactics and opportunities to help you interact with your customers that you may not already be using. Believe it or not, some companies are still not investing in adequate customer engagement strategies.

We’ve listed some easy and effective changes that you can make so as to set you and your company apart from your competition.

1. Get to know Your Customers

Although your customers are aware of the business relationship, it is important that they don’t feel that this is the only pillar of your correspondence. How can you avoid this? Utilize Brand Managers! Each Brand Manager on your team should be responsible for engaging with their assigned customers. The best Brand Managers can make your customers feel like they are your only customers. They do this by being available to answer calls, respond to emails in a timely manner, and being a liaison that your customer will see in person. In totality, your Brand Managers should aim to increase your profits, while also being focused on being a positive embodiment of your company’s culture.

2. Get Specific With It

While it can be easy to find one generic way to gather information about the needs of your customers, the more unique you can be (while being user friendly, of course) the better. You don’t want to come off as just another cookie-cutter company. One way around this, is to use a customer onboarding form to give your clients an opportunity to tell you about themselves. These forms are interactive and shed a new light on the mundane process of information collection. Novelty, simplicity, and convenience go along way with new customers. Onboarding my be one of the first impressions your new clients will get of your company. Take every chance to show them that you’re unique; this is a value!

3. Get Creative & Host An Annual Event

Another great way to engage with your customers is to host an annual event. This is an opportunity to show your customers that you care–hosted a happy hour where Brand Managers, Account Managers, Vice Presidents and customers can all interact. This gives everyone in your organization the chance to learn more about your customers and engage with industry professionals. If you take it a step further, invite a guest speaker to speak at your event. Make sure the speaker is relevant and know your audience: bringing in the wrong speaker for the occasion/audience can really dampen the mood and be counter productive toward your intention.

Even if you can’t implement all of these ideas at one time, the fact that you’re looking into customer engagement means you know what will set you apart from your competition in the market. Customers want to feel like they are in a partnership; this requires you to get to know them and to engage with them in unique and innovative ways. Don’t shy away from a new idea. You have to try new tactics in order to change along with the trends. These are just a few great places to start!

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