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Top 12 Shipping Companies Worldwide … The Full Guide | Part 1

No one can deny this fact; Shipping Companies play a vital, impactful, and important role in the widespread of e-commerce around the world.

Shipping is a key pillar of the e-commerce system around the world, and shipping as a key ingredient in the online purchase process from various online stores in the world, whatever the size, nature or type of store activity, is necessarily represented by different Shipping Companies that bear the burden of that process.

Therefore, the importance of shipping as a necessary component of e-commerce is naturally reflected in Shipping Companies, which also makes them a properly available factor so that we can predict the success of any online sale or purchase in any region of the world.

Note that these international companies are considered to be the intermediary in online business transactions, which delivers the product from the merchant to the shopper, customer or consumer up to the door of the house, and sometimes also collects the amount due from the customer and then delivers it to the customer. The main merchant or service provider, in cases where the customer does not pay electronically through an electronic payment gateway.

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Based on the above, in this report, we have tried to put for all online stores owners worldwide the full guide to the most important, best and largest international shipping companies worldwide.

In the beginning and before we showcase each company individually and the most important thing that distinguishes this or that company from the rest, we must note that the list of the largest international Shipping Companies in the world includes the following:

  1. DHL
  2. Aramex
  3. FedEx
  4. UPS
  5. Stackry
  6. MyUS
  7. USaddress
  8. BorderLinx
  9. World Ship
  10. Shopandship
  11. Viabox
  12. Usendhome

Top Shipping Companies Worldwide

Through this article, we will talk about 6 shipping companies from this big list, as the first part of our series on ExpandCart’s blog. These top 6 companies are:

1- DHL

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A few months after Neil Armstrong was placed on the moon in 1969, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblum, and Robert Lane founded DHL, the world’s first door-to-door international delivery service. Their simple and pioneering idea was to provide shipping documents by air so that they could reach customs before shipping itself.

DHL has succeeded in becoming the world’s largest logistics company, and shortly after its formation, DHL enjoyed rapid growth worldwide. Today, DHL is the world’s largest logistics company with more than 360,000 employees and offices in more than 220 countries and territories.

DHL has also won many prestigious awards for outstanding sales and customer service achievements – a testament to the customer-focused mentality at the heart of every shipment we deliver.

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In this regard, we must mention that ExpandCart has entered into a strategic partnership with the global shipping company DHL, making it easier for all platform customers to integrate all the services required in e-commerce.

2- Aramex

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International Shipping Company Aramex is one of the world’s largest international Shipping Companies and is ranked among the world’s largest shipping companies offering home delivery services worldwide.

It is worth mentioning that Global Shipping Company Aramex is a Saudi-born company, providing express transport services for all transportation, especially parcels, important papers and documents between the sender and the recipient both inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

Aramex Shipping’s services cover all over the world, and in addition to air freight, the company provides land and sea freight services.

One of the most important features of Aramex is the provision of cargo tracking features or services through its website.

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3- FedEx

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FedEx is one of the world’s leading international Shipping Companies, one of the world’s leading u.S. carriers specializing in transportation and logistics. FedEx is headquartered in Memphis, U.S.

Dating back to 1971, FedEx was established as a global shipping company, and the company has pioneered air transport and aircraft reliance on merchant-to-home delivery services anywhere in the world.

The company’s services cover all markets around the world but focus mainly on the European and US market as its primary source of services. FedEx, an international shipping company, is one of the richest shipping companies in the world, with an estimated employee’s income twice that of any of the competing shipping companies.

4- UPS

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UPS is the oldest company in the field of shipping and delivery between countries from the hand of the merchant to the customer’s home, where the company was established in 1907 A.D., and its work and services were limited to the delivery of parcels and messages between villages and countries before the company expanded its activity after the World War Second, shipping services within it cover all countries and countries of the world.

Just in a few years, UBS managed to be one of the world’s biggest Shipping Companies that several online stores and merchants depend on its services around the world.

UBS is the most widely deployed international shipping company in the Middle East, with a workforce of about 6 million or more in nearly 220 countries and regions around the world.

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5- Stackry

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American-born Stackry is one of the leading international Shipping Companies in all countries of the world, particularly in terms of collecting and delivering parcels between different regions from hand to hand.

The international shipping company Stackry has a long history of international shipping, with its origins and appearance in the competitive market for more than 30 years, an American company, as we have mentioned, headquartered in the United States.

In the last 10 years, the global shipping company Stakre has conducted numerous updates and developments on its systems and services provided to the public to become more in line with e-commerce requirements and updates around the world.

One of the most important of these developments carried out by the company in the recent period is the provision of a number of services, solutions, and tools that help subscribers to the company’s services to shop in American stores, as well as provide shipping and delivery service to any country or town in the world.

Stackry International Cargo has a large proportion of customers in the global market, with more than 65,000 customers worldwide.

6- MyUS

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One of the leading international Shipping Companies, parcel collection, and delivery; MyUS is one of the most important and well-known U.S. shipping companies.

It is worth mentioning that the distinctive features and offers offered by the international shipping company MyUS to all its customers in all countries of the world, has made the company ranked high in the list of the largest international shipping companies in the world.

The company provides customers with innovative and amazing subscription systems, the most important and the best of which are:

1- Free service: It is a shipping and delivery for only one package and from a single store.

2- Premium: The company’s service delivery system is free for only one month and after that period the customer must pay a take fee of about $7.


We have spoken time and again that the success of any online store in this fierce competition market in e-commerce depends on a combination of factors and ingredients that must operate in a homogenous and integrated manner. We mentioned that one of the most important and key factors is to provide excellent shipping services to your online store’s customers by dealing with Shipping Companies that provide delivery services professionally and quickly to all customers around the world.

Accordingly, during this article, we tried to develop a complete guide to the world’s most important and largest international shipping companies, which provide many competitive services to all customers from different countries and countries of the world, first and foremost (DHL – Aramex – FedEx – Ups – Stackry – My US  Borderlinx Inc. – USaddress – World Ship – Shopandship – Viabox – Usendhome).

During this article, we have only addressed six companies included in our list, and we will address the remaining companies in an upcoming article in the “Expand Cart” series of articles.