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What Is Cash on Delivery ?

First off, we should confirm that Cash on Delivery is considered to be one of the best solutions are been tailored in the E-commerce industry, as it can solve several challenges that were decreasing the wide-spread of e-commerce around the world.

Despite the increasing number of online shoppers in the world, many are still dominated by concerns about buying online and dealing with online stores. One of the most important concerns is the electronic payment of products through different portals and payment methods, which makes the shopper ask himself a set of questions that make him confused when shopping online in stores and various online sales sites.

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One of the most important questions about payment concerns is: ” Is the store I’m dealing with safe to pay?, If the store is really secure, how can I guarantee the product that I paid for electronically?!. For those concerns that could somehow hinder the continued progress and spread of the online shopping and purchase culture, Cash on Delivery has emerged.

Cash on Delivery is one of the most important features of online shopping that has greatly improved the experience of shoppers, and many online stores around the world have begun to adopt them within their sites as one of the unique features they offer their customers.

During this article, we will explain in detail everything related to the payment on receipt feature provided by many online stores around the world, as well as to describe and review the most important pros and cons of that property.

What is Cash on Delivery in General?

Cash On Delivery is one of the payment methods offered by various stores and online sales sites, especially Arabic ones, due to the preference of many Arab online shoppers for this type of payment. Cash On Delivery means that the shopper can shop through any online store and choose the product they want and then make the order and choose the payment method upon receipt, which means that the payment process is delayed until the customer receives the product he has ordered electronically.

What are Its Top Features & Advantages?!

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Cash On Delivery is one of the features that have helped to increase the demand from online stores and sales sites around the world, especially in the Arab world, who prefer this method of paying heavily for their online purchases. It is offered by many online sites and stores provides more benefits for customers who prefer this method, on top of which are:

  1. The possibility to shop through various online stores and get the products and services required from these sites without having to own any bank accounts or payment cards, whether visa or MasterCard cards.
  2. Feel confident and secure while shopping through any of the online stores and confirm the demand for any product, as the customer will not pay money until after receipt, which in turn encourages many shoppers to experience this experience.
  3. Additionally, one of the top-rated advantages of Cash On Delivery is Protecting the customer’s privacy and information from theft and fraud as well as penetration, as in this way does not require any banking information about his bank accounts or payment cards.
  4. The ease of returning the product in case it is different from the agreed product or if it does not carry the same specifications on which the customer confirmed the request, all of which is certainly before payment.
  5. Cash On Delivery also makes shoppers ensure that the product is available in stores before payment, as sometimes the quantity in the stores of a product is executed and does not appear on the site as a result of a technical defect, which causes problems for the customer as in this case it requires him to cancel the order again so that he can recover his money.
  6. Most orders and sales on various sales sites and online stores are made through the Cash On Delivery method.

Top Disadvantages of Cash On Delivery

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In the previous paragraph, we emphasized that Cash On Delivery as a means of payment for purchases that are confirmed in various online stores, -including Souq and Jumia– carries many advantages, benefits, and advantages for all shoppers and sometimes for merchants on these online sales sites, but Cash On Delivery carries some minor disadvantages that can be remedied in a simple way.

Here are some of the disadvantages of Cash On Delivery :

  1. The customer charges extra if you choose to pay on receipt, as there are some websites and online stores that sometimes charge extra for this feature.
  2. There is no Cash On Delivery method or feature in many online stores that attract more customers and shoppers.
  3. The receipt of the order or product is delayed in many cases as a result of the fact that sometimes the customer wishes to pay upon receipt but through the credit card whether Visa or MasterCard and the driver of the shipping company forgets the ATM or is disabled due to a defect, which disrupts the receipt of the product.
  4. Many of the world’s e-commerce experts and leaders see Cash On Delivery as one of the biggest drawbacks of e-commerce, with many of them seeing that the Cash On Delivery feature has lost an important and essential link of its component, “payment.” Electronic. This feature prevents the completion of an integrated e-commerce process, as it is in accordance with the widespread and customary concept of e-commerce that every practice within the process must be done electronically through the Internet.

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Cash On Delivery is one of the payment methods for purchases that many online sales sites and online stores have become available to all customers on their sites, because of the many advantages, benefits, and features that this payment method has.

One of the most important advantages and benefits of Cash On Delivery is the increase in the number of online shoppers, increased online purchases from online locations and e-stores, thereby increasing the spread of e-commerce worldwide.

During this article we talked about the concept of Cash On Delivery as one of the distinctive payment methods offered by most online stores, especially in the Arab world, which has the largest percentage of shoppers who prefer to pay on receipt, as well as the pros and cons of that feature and how any customer can choose it. in various online stores that offer that way of paying.

In the next article, we will review the best and most important online sales sites and online stores that offer payment on pick-up in different countries of the world, especially the Arab world.