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11 Home Business Ideas That Let You Work From Home

Working from home has always had this allure to a lot of people who aren’t interested in waking up at fixed times and getting penalized for being late 5 minutes even though they haven’t missed much during those 5 minutes. You start to appreciate it more when you find yourself grinding 9 to 5 with its impact on your social and creative life.

The work from home experience may sound great at first but it’s not always the best option for some people. Many have problems organizing their schedule and lifestyle which is why they’d prefer a system that basically forces them to work instead of one that is lenient with bad timing. Before the internet, a very low percentage of workers were able to work from their homes and they were mainly artists and architects. The internet and other technologies caused a boom in the work culture and gradually allowed people the convenience of being able to work from almost anywhere as long as they’re connected to the internet.

If you don’t have something in particular that you’d like to do from home as a job, you may be overwhelmed by all the options available around you. We’ve condensed the best 11 home business ideas that will allow you to work conveniently from your home.

1.      Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is considered one of the most convenient and low-risk businesses that you can operate from your home. All you’ll have to do use an online store platform like ExpandCart and get connected with different manufacturers to present products on your page. Once your customers order a product, you order it from your supplier and have it delivered to them. This doesn’t require a lot of upfront costs and you won’t need to worry about the hassle of renting a space and buying bulk shipments. What you sell should depend on what you think the market needs based on your market research and location. There are4 other business models for ecommerce stores which are manufacturing, wholesaling, subscription, white-labeling, and yet dropshipping is the fastest and most recommended way to get started.

2.      Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing boils down to marketing for a third-party using your own channels. It’s a very profitable and popular method of creating a good source of income from home. You’ll promote the third-party using links and promo codes. Once your visitors click on the link, they’ll be directed to the advertiser’s channels to buy products, and when they do, you make a profit as well. There are different payment schemes depending on the medium of advertisement and the deal you have with the advertiser; it can be profit per click, sale, or a fixed rate. Those with websites, blogs, Youtube channels, social media pages, and even podcasts can stand to gain a lot from affiliate marketing.

3.      Blogging

While many people use blogging as a simple way to express themselves, it’s not the only use for blogging. A blog can quickly become a great marketing machine that can provide you with sustainable income if you have what it takes. A blog with enough audience can make a lot of money off advertisements, affiliates, and sponsorships. It may take some time at first if you don’t have a popular blog to create one and start getting it known with quality writing.

4.      Web Development

This is the age of the internet which means that web development is at its peak. If you have the perseverance, you can learn web development from scratch as long as you’re willing to see it through the end. Web developers handle the functionality of websites and the development of applications. You only need a laptop and an internet connection make a good amount of money, whether you freelance or work remotely for a firm.

5.      Web Designer

A web designer does a complementary job to the developer which is handling the graphic designs and representation of the website. It’s considered a bit easier than developing with a very creative side to it to those who are interested in jobs that require thinking out of the box. An artistic background would be helpful but you can easily learn enough on your own before you start freelancing.

6.      Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is broader with its uses and applications when compared to web designing which only involves crafting designs for websites. Expect to work with online and offline advertisements, logos, posters, and even website designs. You’ll find many free courses and tutorials online that can get you up and running in a very short time.

7.      Freelance Writing

Freelance writing involves many forms of writing like content writing, copywriting, editing, ghostwriting, and many others. While you may not feel that you are the next Mark Twain, that doesn’t mean that you can’t write and research on subjects that you’re interested in. It’s quite easy to find freelancer jobs and even stable ones like online magazines and editorials.

8.      Virtual Assistant

Just like it sounds; you’ll help a company or an individual with numerous tasks that can include writing, scheduling, providing customer support, data entry, and many others. You’ll get to charge your client by the hour and your price can considerably increase as you gain experience. The best thing about being a virtual assistant is that you pick up new skills and hone old ones which can raise your hourly rates easily.

9.      Catering

The internet has made it quite easy to deliver your services and get it known by others. You can turn your passion for cooking into a real moneymaker by opening up a catering business that can either provide big events with food or provide healthy food options for a niche market. You can sell your cooking to online customers, friends, and local markets.

10.  Programming

As the future is becoming more dependent on technology, programming has cemented its position as one of the most valuable skills anyone should learn. While programming may take more time than other skills to learn, it’s definitely worth it, especially when you start making $50-60 an hour. The first challenge would be deciding a language to learn first. You should always look for the relatively new language that allows you to get your hands dirty in little time.

11.  Social Media Management

A lot of organizations and individuals are unable to take care of their social media accounts, especially when there are a lot of interactions and they just can’t keep up. Social media management can also develop into social media marketing which would increase your price in the market. You’ll mainly take care of posts and develop strategies that align well with the organization or individual’s image that they want.

Everyone at some point in their lives would like to leave their routine job and start working from home. But only those who are truly able to see the bigger picture manage to pull it off. It’s not easy leaving corporate or traditional jobs behind as they’re considered safety nets to many people. The transition to a home business would require not only courage but also careful planning to ensure that you don’t waste any precious time before you get everything in order.

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