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How to Start an Ecommerce Business with ExpandCart

The introduction of the internet to commerce has revolutionized the concept completely, leaving those who refuse to venture into the new cyber world of e-commerce in the dust.

While business is booming in the e-commerce sector, it still doesn’t mean that it’s always a 100% guaranteed investment. Whether you own a retail store or an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s hard to say no to an opportunity that not only can digitize your business, but also put you on the right track to maximizing your digital print among your competitors.

The best thing about starting your e-commerce business with ExpandCart is that you don’t need much to set up your store and start selling your products, especially with the recent developments of dropshipping partnerships.

Dropshipping is an alternative to the known and traditional method of stocking items first and then selling them over time, by dealing with third parties to fulfill orders by customers as they’re made.

This has significantly reduced the capital required to create and market your online store. Your online business is still an investment that you need to carefully plan to succeed. This is why we’ve created this guide to help you understand how you should prepare for starting your e-commerce business and how we can help you.


While ExpandCart will help you support almost any business model you choose, you must research the direction that you’re willing to take. There’s no such thing as a fit-for-all business strategy and structure. From service-based to physical products, each one comes with its pros and cons. Physical goods stores are the most popular due to the rather simple process and known supply and demand research.

While some may opt to use their warehouses to stock their supplies, a lot with less initial budget choose to go with dropshipping. The investment needed upfront to support wholesaling isn’t always available with new emerging eCommerce businesses.

If you’re interested in having your own branded goods, a big chunk of your investment would go towards the labeling and manufacturing processes. ExpandCart also supports subscription-based store models where products and services can be delivered at a specific or constant time throughout the month. Since the software and online side would be handled by ExpandCart, you’ll want to focus on finding the right product to sell.

An eCommerce store filled with too many different categories and irrelevant items can do more than good in many cases. While this model has proved its worth with giants like Amazon, it requires a huge budget and experience that may take a long time to establish.

Choosing your niche is the best way to make sure that you’re not only reducing the number of your competitors but also managing to capture and market to a big target audience.

Just make sure that the niche you choose also has competitors because of the complete lack of competitors most of the time means that the market isn’t fertile ground.

A market crowded with the competition isn’t good either as major brands will be dominating the field; the more you make your market more specific, the better. This gives you the chance with other business owners, cross-promote, and be affiliates. ExpandCart can provide you with research-guided consultation to help you choose what’s best for you before hosting the store.

The Platform

Setting your store up online is a daunting task if you’re not using the right platform; this is where ExpandCart will ease this burden.
You won’t need to worry about hosting technicalities as they’ll make sure to secure a domain for your business to help initiate the backend setup of your store. You’ll need to pick a name for your store before you get started. There is absolutely no shortage of different themes and templates that you can use to customize your store as you see fit.

If you’re looking into further customization, you can contact them to custom design your version, whether it’s the website or even the logo. The languages supported will be both English and Arabic to help you widen your target audience across more than one continent. The technicalities would be handled easily but it’s you who will mainly decide on the integral parts of your business.

Brand Persona

A brand persona means a way you want people to perceive you when they look at your store and brand. This is a very important part of any eCommerce store whether it’s a multi-billion one or a new startup. You’ll sometimes notice different vibes while browsing other stores; this vibe is defined by what they want others to feel.

Health supplements would try to go for an energetic theme while one with baby products would go for warmth. Whatever the brand persona is, it has to remain constant for the best effect. You can think of yourself as a customer buying your product; what kind of store or brand would you prefer to deal with and what would make you comfortable buying their products? You probably won’t purchase a laptop from a brand that doesn’t have a technological and sophisticated brand persona.

ExpandCart will help you nail down the right output for whatever brand persona you decide on; you can even consult them for their thoughts on other alternative brand personas if there are.


Once you decide on a brand persona and set up your shop accordingly, you should direct your momentum towards marketing. ExpandCart offers various ways to uniquely promote your products on your store; from discounts to special promotions, you’ll find ways to make them stand out and gain traction with special promotion tools. SEO is sometimes considered a time-consuming element of marketing for those who want to focus mainly on their products.

ExpandCart already made it easier by helping you take care of the most advanced SEO tools, tactics, and strategies like auto sitemap creation, meta tags and descriptions for products, blogs, and other features. Your store will be made ready and available to be easily shared and promoted on social media without any hassle.

Designed affiliate systems will make it easy for you to use your customers as part of your marketing strategy by incentivizing them with promotions and discounts. ExpandCart will help you integrate a feedback system that will keep you up-to-date with your customer’s feedback, comments, and suggestions easily, not to mention reviewing your products.

Payment and shipping are also simplified as ExpandCart took care of it with a repertoire of over 20 different payment and shipping methods that could be made available to your customers.

The best thing about ExpandCart’s experience is that you get to see for yourself the real potential of your store without risking anything, not even the subscription price. The 15 days provided by ExpandCart’s trial is more than enough to explore the different templates, hosting capabilities, and most of the platform’s features.

Overall, the experience of creating an eCommerce business has never been easier or cheaper. You’ll get plenty of time to come up with new product ideas and partnerships as ExpandCart takes care of the technical and marketing side of the equation.