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9 Best Small Retail Business ideas & Opportunities

retail ideas

If you are interested in Retail business, it’s your lucky day, as that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in our article, as we provide you with a list of the best small retail business ideas that you could start with no large investments upfront.

Retail business has always stood the test of time, across many ages, that’s why it’s not exactly that difficult to come up with 10 small retail business ideas.

Through the world of retail, billionaires have earned 11-digit bank accounts, such as Sam Walton with Wal-Mart and Ingvar Kamprad with IKEA.

But note here; you don’t need to come up with competitive products on the global level to succeed in the retail industry, as you could adopt a certain niche in a single product, or target a particular city or group of people.

So, to help you kick start your retail business we have compiled a list of top 10 retail business ideas with the best return of investment.  Normally, you will need to conduct your own research study and write your own business plan that is tailored to your needs and in line with your business objectives. The list goes as follows:

Top Retail Business ideas & Opportunities:

9. Printed Clothes

As old as silk printing maybe but it’s still a lucrative business to be it. Selling printed clothes are always cool and could blend with many fashion trends, and is especially popular among celebrities. Just be careful not to limit yourself just to silk printing, but aim to use modern techniques such as embossing and digital printing, and you will be on your way to success.

8. Cupcake and Pastry Shop

Retail Business

Kids love cupcakes, actually, everybody loves cupcakes! That’s why it seems like one of the perfect ideas to be on your list of small retail business ideas that you could start immediately.

Moreover, it was observed that cupcakes have surpassed other kinds of pastry in popularity and likability, making it one solid choice you could stick to and could bring you lots of customers looking forward to getting your delicious treats.

7. Gadgets Accessories

When gadgets are there, you could almost always find accessories for them, almost inseparable from each other. Since modern gadgets such as tablets, cellphones, laptops are produced immensely in the market, people are looking for accessories to personalize them according to their preferences so that they are unique.

So, it’s quite a good idea to start selling gadget accessories as they still dominate the market and very easily make it to the top 10 small retail business ideas.

6. Sport Supplies

Retail Business

You don’t need to wait for the Olympics to start selling sports supplies, especially that sports fans are willing to pay their money for a worthy product.

Providing them with what they want will give you a lot of clients in a short time. There are 20 popular sports all over the world with millions of supporters, so the sky is the limit here within such a niche.

5. Baby Products

The world is overpopulated and more babies are being born every day, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. That’s why selling baby products is a lucrative business and whenever in doubt you could consider it one of the top 10 retail business ideas to resort to. Consignment

Many businessmen and investors have so many ideas for products to sell and services to promote that could get them very successful, the issue here that they might have little time doing the selling themselves, that’s when you come to the rescue as a consigner to retail their products for them and get your commission, one smart idea that is not bad at all to be in the top 10 retail business ideas

4. Online Business Retailing

Retail Business

Online retail could be classified depending on the type of products being sold. Furthermore, it’s a mode of selling is also categorized as unique since it depends on the internet as a channel of selling.

It could be considered a form of consignment as you sell other’s products on your website which means you have to do the rest of activities such as marketing & promotion activities, and delivery, and a range of other related activities. There are many online portals that you can work on to leverage being an online retailer such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.

3. Retail Organic Foods

It’s about time you embrace the green movement that is here and start your organic food selling, one that could nicely and easily fit into the list of 10 top ideas for retail businesses.

The reason is that people are getting more aware and conscious about their nutritional habits and how is their health is being affected accordingly, that is why caution is on the rise, and people are paying more attention to what they eat, and they are focusing on picking the most healthy and green food types, turning that field into a lucrative one.

2. Used Furniture

Retail Business

Selling used furniture is one of the best ways to make a lot of money, especially due to the fact that you can sell furniture for double of its price because when it comes to furniture it’s not a deal whether it’s new as it’s old, which gives a huge incentive to start selling it right away.

1. Beauty Products

As lots of people are trying to pursue perfection, introducing your catalog of just the right mix will go a long way in moving your beauty products business forward, and selling will be easier than you expect, something that solidly position this business in the top 10 retail business ideas.


The list of retail products and businesses you could delve into is endless, and you could sell almost anything as long as you have created a demand for it, so those retail businesses ideas are just a guide for what could be trendy at the time but feel free to adopt whatever feels appealing and convenient to you.