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How To Write a Creative, Attractive, and Professional Product Description

The product description is one of the most important success soldiers in the field of e-commerce and online sales through online stores around the world, where the product description plays a prominent and effective role indisputably in influencing the shopper and convince him of the superiority of this product or that of other competing products; Which in turn will undoubtedly increase the volume of sales within the e-store and raise the conversion rates and then maximize the volume of e-commerce.

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Let me ask you a question directly: Can you buy any product, like a piece of clothing without knowing its size and raw material in its manufacture? The details and information related to them are written on the clothing clip; certainly, no shopper can purchase any product without knowing all the details and information. From here comes the importance and success of product description in the sale and increased demand for the product.

Based on the importance of the product description and its place in the success of e-commerce and online sales, we tried in this article to provide a complete presentation that helps you to know the best way to write a professional description and attractive and influential product or products displayed on your site and your website, and how to devote the description of the product in Increased demand for it.

We will explain this in both cases, whether the store owner is the actual provider of the product – that is, the owner of the product directly – or the product was obtained through the drop shipping. In the case of a drop shipping, it becomes very easy and does not require much effort From the store owner, because often the description is ready in the product file and does not require the trader to modify or add if necessary.

What Is The Product Description?!

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The product description means those words and marketing expressions that are used in a coordinated manner to explain the advantages and characteristics of the product and to clarify the benefits and the positive impact that the consumer has on the acquisition and confirmation of the demand. These words and expressions must be chosen very carefully so that they can achieve the desired effect on the shopper as soon as reading and push them to buy without hesitation.

The product description also plays a vital and effective role in addressing the shopper’s imagination through a review of the quality of the product and its competitive advantages and its ability to export all products of its kind without the shopper being deceived and exaggerating the description of the product; it is the attractive way through which we give a clear and integrated picture About the product to the shopper, consumer or buyer.

How To Write A Professional, Creative, and Attractive product Description?!

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Through this upcoming paragraph, we will showcase a great set of inspirational tips on how to write a professional, creative, influential, and attractive product description, which help all stores’ owners around the world push their sales and raise their online store conversion rate.

But, before you go into the steps and ways to write a highly professional and attractive description of the products on your e-store, we must point out that the product description box in the e-store is not just a box that needs to be filled with words. This task requires great efforts in order to professionally fill it to achieve the main and actual goal of such cells in the product page.

In the next few steps, we will identify a number of practices that will help to accurately fill these boxes with selective and attractive words that help increase demand and sell the product remarkably.

1. Study your product well

The study of the product we want to develop a precise and attractive description is a good first practice and steps that must be taken by shop owners and websites in order to develop a professional and attractive description of this product. The study of the product here means identifying its advantages, characteristics, and benefits, as well as its accurate specifications and all the information related to it so that it can be described in a good and attractive manner that addresses the imagination of the buyer and drives him towards the purchase.

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2. List all competitive product features

One of the most important of these methods when describing the product on the online store, review all the competitive advantages of the product described, which reflects the ability of this product or that meet the needs of the consumer, as if you sell him comfort in brief words about all the benefits and advantages of this product. For example, not to mention, to indicate in the advantages of the product that it is made of natural materials 100% in the case of food or drinks and the like.

It is important to clarify the reflection of the acquisition of this product on his lifestyle positively as one of the most important features of the product and its benefits.

3 – Explain the product history

It is also good to write a description of the product to give a brief overview of the history of the product and his story in terms of how to manufacture the product and processes that go through the product until it reaches its final form; where studies have shown that a large proportion of shoppers love in varying degrees enjoy stories and history of products.

4. Select appropriate words

One of the most important and most dangerous practices in describing a product is choosing the words to be used in the description. These words must be carefully selected so as not to make the shopper shun or abandon your store or your website. The choice of words, expressions, and misinformation greatly affect the decline in purchasing the product. Quite the opposite of selecting the appropriate and accurate words and their effective role in making a purchase decision by the consumer, buyer or shopper.

5. Review the product specifications

One of the most important factors that positively affect the purchase decision is to review and clarify the specifications of the product, especially the formal and standard specifications of the shopper accurately and clearly help him to feel the product in his hands before obtaining it. Formal and standard specifications are in length, width, height, area, and fish.

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6. Take care of the size of the description

Store owners and e-commerce sites must also pay close attention to the size of the description in terms of length and shortness, as the length of the product description or shortness play a negative and positive role in taking an impression of the product and then making the purchase decision. The description should not be too short for the shopper to feel that the product does not have any advantages, characteristics or advantages so that it can be written in the description; nor should the description and narration be so large that the shopper does not feel bored and exaggerated the description of the product; Integrated block integrated comprehensive specifications and details of the product in a brief and attractive without exaggeration or shortening.

7. Review the description before publishing

There is no doubt that the review in everything protects the individual evils many, one of the most important practices that must be committed by the owners of shops and websites is to review the description of the product after completion and put it in order to excite all linguistic and grammatical errors so that the shopper does not seem like a beginner.

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8. Use simple language

In addition, it is necessary to use the easy language of writing when describing the product and to choose the simple words and phrases that are easy for the consumer or the shopper to read and understand without pain or suffering. At the same time, .

9 – Discover the nature and quality of shoppers in your online store

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If all of these steps and practices are very important, knowing the nature and quality of shoppers through your store or e-commerce site is ahead of all of them in terms of importance and risk. Knowing the behavior and preferences of shoppers through your store helps you discover the nature of content And the ambiguity that can attract and push them to make a purchase decision. Understanding the quality and nature of the audience makes you understand exactly what type of description is the favorite for them; short or long description of the detailed, brief or summary and other types of description.


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