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Your Full Guide For All Google Ads Types And Features

“Advertisement”.. Simple and easy to install and configure, it is composed of five characters just so simple; but it carries many and many meanings and values ​​of profitability and financial for many of the of businesses’ owners and publishers, -including bloggers, blogs’ owners, webmasters, online stores’ owners, and service providers as well as specialists In both types of trade – whether e-commerce or retail.

We do not exaggerate when we confirm that the two big ads – On-Line or Off-Line – have become the backbone of all kinds of businesses around the world; they can achieve high and huge profits for both the publishers and the advertisers. In this article, we will devote our words to online advertising.

On this front, we can not overlook the giant company in this industry “Google”, where Google Inc. is a leading provider of online advertising services that is professional and suitable for all parties to the advertising process, whether publishers or advertisers – business owners. In the next few lines, we will list the best and most famous types of advertising services provided by the giant company Google, which benefit the parties to the advertising process.

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Advertising Process

In the beginning, we must point out that advertising is a propaganda process carried out and financed by a party for the purpose of promoting and marketing a particular service or product, whether the type of service or product. This promotion is doing through different channels of advertising, in order to reach as many potential recipients as possible. The advertisement carries many news and service values ​​that encourage and motivate many recipients of the advertising message to decide on this product or service; the decision here is to make the request and purchase of the product or service promoted.

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On this front, we should also mention that there are two types of advertising around the world, which are:

On-Line: means the ads that are launched on the Internet, whether on the various websites and blogs or ads on various social networking sites, “Social Media”, headed by (Facebook – YouTube – Instagram – Twitter – LinkedIn – Snapchat – Pinterest – and others).

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Off-Line: Offline advertising refers to the ads that are launched on the ground, not the virtual world, which including on the top (Outdoors – television ads – radio ads – newspaper and magazine ads – and others).

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The advertising process consists of several main elements, including the sender, the message, the message’s receiver, and finally the advertising financier, which is considered by many to be the sender of the message.

In the case of online advertising in all its forms and types mentioned above, there are two main parties to the launch of any advertisement namely the advertiser (advertising financier), the publisher who provides advertising services to different advertisers and promote their services and products on different channels of advertising, and often there is a third party works as an intermediary between the parties. Google is considered to be one of the most important of these intermediaries on the Internet, and we will talk about it during the next paragraph.

Google Ads Types And Features

1- Search Ads

This type of ad “Search Ads” is one of the most popular types of ads on Google ads. Search engine ads mean those search results that appear at the top of search results when you search on specific keywords or phrases on Google search.

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2- Display Ads

One of Google’s most popular ads in this kind of online advertising. This kind of advertising “Display Ads” is meant to be those advertising campaigns that appear within different websites and different blogs, and usually, appear on the top of those pages or on one side in the form of boxes or Small rectangles.

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3- Video Ads / YouTube Ads

It is a very important type of Google ads that it offers to all its subscribers, namely YouTube ads, which are the ads that appear when clicking to play a particular video on any channel on YouTube in the first seconds before playing the video on it, Of ads are highly prevalent and deliver tremendous results for the highest profit for both advertiser and channel owner.

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4- App Ads

Another type of advertising that the giant company Google provides within the services provided on the application or program “Google Ads”, is the ads of mobile applications that appear within the applications that are downloaded from the Google App Store for smartphones.

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5- Google Shopping Ads

A new type of advertising provided by Google as one of its advertising services around the world, which means the ads that appear to the browser when searching for certain products or when shopping online, which shows the browser list of products that are related to the product he is looking for. It should be noted that this type of Google ads is not available in Arab countries except the United Arab Emirates.


Google is one of the most important and largest online advertising intermediaries, which offering various services to advertise on all online advertising channels. These services can benefit two key players in the advertising process:

The first party (publisher), which refers to the owners of websites, blogs and YouTube channels with views and high subscriptions, who can display different types of ads on their sites and their own channels for an agreed fee. This party can benefit from more ads displayed within their sites and channels by making use of Google Adsense services.

The second party (the advertiser) / the advertiser is the owner of the product or service provider of all kinds who wants to promote its services and products through the Internet, and here the giant company plays an important role in advertising Google sites, shops and blogs related to the nature of the product or service on behalf of the owner Product or service by subscribing to Google AdWords.

During the article, we reviewed the various types of advertising services provided by Google to the parties (publisher and advertiser), which can be used by both parties and the achievement of different profitability goals quickly and simply and more effectively than other ways and forms of advertising on the Internet.