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The Complete Guide to Google Shopping Ads 

The Complete Guide to Google Shopping


Success in eCommerce means increasing sales and increase of the conversion rate on the online store or website. Increasing the sales’ volume of your store needs a set of main procedures that play a prominent and effective role in doing so. That’s why we decided to write the complete guide for Google Shopping Ads .

Paid ads come at the forefront of those factors and procedures that your online store needs in order to increase sales significantly and then collect high rates of profit.

There are many types of ads that you can rely on mainly to reach your business goals and achieve the highest percentage of sales through your online store, among the most important of which are the various types of Google Ads.

Perhaps there is an important type of Google Ads that is being ignored by many online store owners, brands, and online shopping sites, which is Google Shopping Ads.

In this regard, we must point out that it is a type of ads that are overlooked; Google Shopping Ads make only 20% of Paid per Click Ads (PPC).

In this article “the complete guide to Google Shopping” on ExpandCart’s eCommerce blog , we shall get to know more about Google Shopping Ads and how they can be used to digitally promote products and increase online stores’ sales, in addition to the most important and prominent features of Google Shopping Ads.

What are Google Shopping Ads ?

The Complete Guide to Google Shopping ads 

Google Shopping Ads service is one of the new advertising services provided by the giant company Google within the services of its famous advertising program “ Google Ads .”

This type of Google Ads targets the merchants and owners of online stores and websites selling across the Internet and brands of all kinds, meaning that it generally targets all owners of goods and products offered for sale online.

Google Shopping Ads show up for browsers when searching for specific products or when shopping online, where the user is shown a list of suggested products related to the product they’re looking for.

Many of us have often seen them when searching for a product and typing the product name into Google search engine . As we mentioned, they often appear in a product search query on Google.

These ads are especially effective because they display a high-quality image in the product listing, as well as the price of the product in question. These product listing ads tend to appear at the top of the search engine listings. Even if you are looking to increase your offline store sales, Google Shopping Ads can help you.

It is worth noting that this type of Google Ads is not available in the Arab countries except for the United Arab Emirates.

Benefits and Advantages of Google Shopping Ads

The Complete Guide to Google Shopping 

The use of Google Shopping Ads realizes many benefits to all merchants, owners of e-stores, and all sellers of goods and products online or in traditional stores as well. Below is a selection of the most important advantages of Google Shopping Ads .

  • Appearing On The Top Search Results

One of the most important advantages of Google Shopping Ads is that they top all the search results that appear when searching for any product on Google’s search engine.

As ads appear in the top search results and meet shoppers who have done most of their research with highly targeted and clear product offerings. In addition, these ads are distinguished by their simplicity, clear message, and visual appeal.

  • Better Reach For Your Target Customers

As a merchant, you can increase the quality of your leads by displaying product information directly in your ads to help shoppers make informed buying decisions.

This makes shoppers more likely to complete the purchase on your site. For example, when a shopper searches on Google for “leather shoes,” they might see shopping ads from merchants who sell leather shoes and thus can see which shoes suit their taste just by looking at the image.

That is in addition to the ability to quickly identify whether this shoe fits their budget just by looking at the price. This means that by the time a shopper clicks on the ad, he or she has a good feel for the product and its cost, putting him/her in a better place in the conversion funnel compared to the average web user.

  • Easy Retail Management

Instead of keywords, shopping ads use the product attributes that you specified in a data feed on the Merchant Center to show your ads on relevant searches. View your product inventory directly on Google Ads and create product groups for the items you want to bid on.

  • Wider Presence

More than one of your shopping ads can appear for a specific user, and, if appropriate, your shopping and text ads can also appear at the same time. This means that the chance of reaching shoppers in one search may double.

  • Powerful Reports And Competitive Data

One of the most important and prominent advantages of Google Shopping Ads is that they enable the advertiser to know the performance of their products at the highest level of precision.

For example, you can see how many clicks a certain brand of high-heeled shoes has got just by filtering your product offer, no need for new product groups.

Use measurement data to gain insights into the competitive landscape. Identify growth opportunities with impression share data and bid simulator tool.

  • Attract Attention Effectively

Google Shopping Ads are the only ads that appear with image results that instantly attract the attention of shoppers. This visual feature is one of the elements of improving Google Shopping; it attracts buyers and makes them more likely to click and land on the product page.

  • Increasing Conversion Rates

Google Shopping Ads have proven that their conversion rates are much higher compared to text ads only. On average, conversion rates are 26% higher, and CPCs decrease by about 23%.

This in turn increases the number of visits to your online store with the best cost per click and ultimately increases your return on investment ( ROI ).

  • Faster Access

With Google Shopping Ads, multiple products can appear with a single query which increases exposure to your production line. This helps you raise awareness of new and related products.

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How Much Do Google Shopping Ads Cost?

Google Shopping Ads
For this article to be really a complete guide to Google Shopping, and after we got a closer look at Google Shopping Ads and the advantages of this advertising service from Google, as well as the benefits for your online store from using Google Shopping Ads , we will now learn about the cost of Google Shopping Ads .

Just like other ad formats, Google Shopping Ads participate in the ad auction. That is, you are billed a little differently depending on your ad type, as follows.

  • Charge Product Shopping Ads With Cost Per Click ( CPC )

This is the first type of payment for using Google Shopping Ads , which is what happens when someone clicks on your ad. Therefore, you are only billed when someone clicks an ad that leads to the landing page on your website.

  • Charging Fees For Showcase Shopping Using Cost Per Engagement (CPE)

As for the second type, it charges advertising with Showcase Shopping using the cost per engagement (CPE), which is when the user expands the folded ad and keeps it open for 10 seconds or more, or clicks the expanded ad before that.

  • Fees For Local Catalog Ads Using CPE

In the third type of charging, fees are charged to local catalog ads using CPE, as measured by hovering, clicking, or clicking the ad.

In this regard, we must point out that when creating your own ad campaign using Google Shopping Ads , you will be the one to decide the amount you want to pay for each click or share.

In addition, you will only pay the minimum amount needed to rank higher than the advertiser directly below you, and you will often pay less than your maximum bid.

How to Use Google Shopping Ads in Your ExpandCart Store?

As a merchant, you do not want to miss such a tool to convert more customers to your online store .

We’ll explain step by step in this complete guide to Google Shopping how you can activate Google Shopping Ads on your ExpandCart store.

1. From your store’s dashboard, go to Settings>Advanced Settings>Integrations and activate the Google Shopping Feed button.

2. Go to “Google for Retail”>Solution and press Get Started. From there, choose the first option “Merchant Center.”

3. Now choose the plan that suits your needs (free or paid) and then add your products. You’ll be taken to register an account at Google Merchant Center and confirm your store’s domain.

4. At this point, you have more than one option to confirm your account and integrate your data with Google Merchant; choose what’s best for you.

5. After confirmation and authentication, you’ll move on to add your products to Google Shopping.

Google Shopping ads

6. Now you are able to show high-quality images of your products along with their prices and rank on top page results on Google search engine.


Where do Shopping Ads Appear?

Shopping ads can show either on the top ad placement or the top right-hand side of the Google Search results page and/or on the Google Shopping property. In certain markets, Shopping ads can also show on the Search Partners network, YouTube, and Google Image Search. Below are examples of different ad placements.

Where do Shopping ads appear

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Google Shopping

In this article, we tried to demonstrate the importance of relying on ads to increase the volume of sales on your online store products or any of the online selling sites. There are many types of ads that can greatly help your products appear attractive and increase conversion rates across your store.

Because of its utmost importance, we gave you a complete guide to Google Shopping Ads .
Google Shopping Ads come among the most important advertising methods that must be relied upon in your advertising campaigns on the Internet; it is one of the most distinguished advertising services offered by the giant company Google.

We also covered in this article the advantages of Google Ads for shopping, in addition to charging rates for the use of this advertising service from Google.

At the end, we showed you how to make use of Google Shopping Ads on your ExpandCart store and add your products to show on top results for millions of online shoppers.

Leave us a comment if you liked this complete guide to Google Shopping Ads or ask our marketing experts any question you might have.