Best Dropshipping Companies to Start Your Online Business | Part 2 - Expand Cart
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Best Dropshipping Companies to Start Your Online Business | Part 2

This is the second part of the article that continues to investigate the best dropshippers in the industry that could help kick-start your dropshipping business with the best suppliers and the benefits that they provide and their respective pricing. In the first part, we have gone through the definition of dropshipping and how it works, and now we continue with the rest of the dropshipping suppliers’ list.

Best Dropshipping Companies:

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is not a dropshipping provider, unlike the other dropshipping companies, as it’s more of a directory of wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers. The best part is that it’s totally free and requires only email verification.

So, if you are a retailer looking for local suppliers then you will find wholesale central very beneficial, and since they are local that will help decrease the shipping time.

Dropshipping Companies

You could send your questions to the seller network present in Wholesale Central, you don’t get a great UI experience, the thing that is provided by other dropshipping software.

Why use Wholesale Central?

  1. It has more than 1400 supplier and more than 700 thousand products
  2. Has a wide range of product categories
  3. The list of wholesalers and suppliers is well reputable
  4. Local suppliers for dropshipping which means less shipping time and better customer experience overall
  5. A lot of the wholesalers are manufacturers which mean lower prices

Price – FREE

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Central is similar to Wholesale, as it contains local dropshipping suppliers who are located in the US, the thing that makes the shipping time relatively small.

Sunrise is a good fit for retailers who are seeking local wholesalers and suppliers and looking for a certain degree of automation relative to the multiple channels where they sell.

Why use Sunrise Wholesale as one of your dropshipping suppliers?

  1. Local suppliers who provide products of high quality
  2. You could easily add products to Amazon, eBay, Shopify stores
  3. Automated update of order fulfillment and tracking number in different channels
  4. Test product performance to create a great portfolio
  5. You get to try it for free for 7 days

One of the disadvantages though is the fact that the number of products available to sell is relatively low, so there might not be a lot of options to pick up from for retailers.


The monthly membership costs $29.95/month where the yearly one costs $99/year.

Dropshipping Companies


Aliexpress is what is making dropshipping possible in a lot of markets in the world. Actually, a lot of dropshipping suppliers in the lists above source their products from Aliexpress.

Dropshipping Companies

Most of dropshipping retailers are interested in products that have small size within a price range of $15-$30

So, in case you want to dropship a list of products you could buy them from Aliexpress then ship them to the customer.

Why use Aliexpress?

  1. One of the biggest e-commerce platforms with millions of products.
  2. Very competitive prices in comparison to local suppliers
  3. A complete system with distribution and payment integrated into it

If you have your Shopify store you could use Aliexpress plugin for dropshipping without interrupting your workflow.


There are no prices that are paid to Aliexpress, as payments are directly made to the suppliers.

Worldwide Brands

Dropshipping Companies

Worldwide brands are the same as Wholesale central and Sunrise wholesale, where you get to choose from 16 million products. The downside here is that Worldwide brands do not provide the automation needed for inventory management or order processing.

Why use Worldwide Brands?

  1. 16 million available products to choose from
  2. Lots of local suppliers in the US
  3. User-friendly interface
  4. Access to Android & iOS applications
  5. A relatively low one-time pricing


Dropshipping Companies

You get to pay a one-time-only at a price of $269 when you use a coupon of $30 discount.


Drop Wow is the same as Oberlo and Doba where it automates the dropshipping process, no matter what the hosting suppliers are. Dropwow has a curated list of suppliers from China. The app has considerable reviews at the Shopify store and shows up on relevant keyword searches.

Dropshipping Companies

Dropwow has its list of suppliers from China. Furthermore, the app has reviews on the Shopify store and appears in the search results with relevant keyword searches.

Why use Dropwow?

  1. List of Chinese suppliers with cheap prices
  2. Automation that allows for auto-order forwarding, forwarding of shipping details to sellers
  3. Ability to import products to your Shopify store with Dropwow software
  4. A quick search through categories
  5. Lots of helpful resources for dropshipping
  6. Availability of API


The fees that Dropwow charges are $2/order for the product to be shipped.


Megagoods specialty in the dropshipping field is electronic items and consumer durables. The comprehensive list on the website has categories that mostly belong to such a domain. You could start searching for the products once you have created an account for free.

Dropshipping Companies

Why use Megagoods?

  1. Listings of high-quality products
  2. Affordable membership fees
  3. A large catalog
  4. Proper for dropshipping retailers who want to sell electronic items


$14.99/monthly fee in addition to $1.5/order. Additionally, they charge a fee when orders are returned back.


So, that concludes the dropshipping providers who can help kick-start your dropshipping business, now all you need to do is to scan the benefits and downsides in each company and select based on your most suitable options to get your business going.